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Welcome To Aberdeen Museum Of History

If you want to take a minute away from driving the main road and dealing with the busy main streets of Aberdeen, why don't you drive on over to 111 East Third Street to the Aberdeen Museum. Though there is a large sign outside that says Aberdeen Museum, not many people know of its existance.

Contacting Aberdeen Museum Of History

Address: 111 East Third Street Aberdeen, Washington 98520
Telephone: (360) 533-1976
E-mail: museum@aberdeen-museum.org

Museum Hours

November 1st thru February 28th
Tuesday thru Saturday
10am to 5pm

March 1st thru October 31st
Tuesday thru Saturday
10am to 5pm
12noon to 4pm

Museums Entry Fee
Free! The Aberdeen Museum is a non-profit organizaition; however, the place cannot stay open on its own and donations are greatly appreciated.
The recommended donation prices are:

Families $5.00
Individuals $2.00
Students and seniors $1.00

What The Museum Offers

History of course, but that is the easy answer. So, what kinds of history does the museum offer?

  • History on the county of Grays Harbor, which includes old high school yearbooks, phone books, and directions
  • History on the state of Washington
  • Biographies
  • Information on logging and lumbering
  • Information on native cultures and artifacts
  • And of course, much more!

The museum also offers a wide variety of restored photographs and old books, many of which are still in their original state.

A Great Place To Hang Out

Many probably wouldn't guess it but the Aberdeen Museum is more than just a place to learn, it's a great place to hang out, especially if you're having some sort of function. For a rental fee, a person can use the museum for several hours to have a high school reunion, a wedding reception, anything your heart desires. Okay, so maybe no paintball tournaments here but you get what I mean.