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This team was started in 2005. It started because some memberd on Grays Harbor Community Hospital relay for life team lived on the east side of the county, and was able to open up opportunity for other workers to get involved who lived in Montesano, Elma, and McCleary . It currently has approximately 30 members. The team wishes to aid in Gifts of Hope Compassion and Healing.

Relay for Life

Relay For Life started over 20 years ago. It is a fun-filled overnight event designed to celebrate survivorship and raise money for research and programs of your [American Cancer Society].[1] There are many teams, each team keeps at least one person walking for the 24 hour period. This years theme is Another Year, Another Birthday. In Grays Harbor there are two locations, Hoquiam High School and Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds. It is usually held either on the last weekend of May or the first weekend of June.


The team has many fundraising events. There are bake sales and silent auctions held down by the cafeteria in the hospital. Garage sales in the Polish Club and at McCleary's City Wide garage sales. Raffle baskets for Valentine's and Mother's Day that is open for all the communtiy to try to win. Purple ribbons to paint the county purple have also been sold. Last year the team raised $5000 and hopes to raise that much this year as well. In 2004' Relay for life was the second largest fund raising event. [1]

Public Information

The team's color is yellow had has been assigned to give public information on bone cancer. Bone cancer comes from maligent (cancerous)tumor. It can be primary which means that the cancer started in the bone. Primary bone cancer is usually found in children to young adults, ages 5-25. Secondary bone cancer are tumors that travel to the bone but started else where such as the breast, prostate ext. This is the most common type of bone cancer. Secondary bone cancer is treated as what ever type of cancer was primary and therefore varies the treatment. Bone cancer can be treated wirh radiation and chemotherapy. If need bone or metal grafts are implanted and the last option is amputation.[2]