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McCleary's population in 2008 was 1604. [1]


Mcleary is the last leaving Grays Harbor before you enter Thurston County. It is twenty-two minutes away from Olympia and twenty-eight minutes from Aberdeen.


In 1897, Henry McCleary bought a saw mill and later established the number one manufacturing company for doors called Simpson Logging Company. In 1941, McCleary sold the entire land and everything he owned to Simpson, and on January 9, 1943 McCleary was incorporated as a town of Grays Harbor. [2]


In 1901, McCleary had a one room class that served 60 students. [3]It has just finished it's fourth remodel and celebrated it's 100th anniversary at it's current location. McCleary serves 50 preschoolers and 291 K-8th graders.[4] Most high schoolers travel to the neighboring town of Elma to go to school.


McCleary is a small town that has all that it needs. There is one town store called Gordons and there are five restaurants: Rain Country, Peabody's Pizza, Subway, Bears Den, and Rounders. Rounders is also the only bar in town. There is also several businesses including: a dog grooming business, movie store, liquor store, laundry mat, hair stylist, and a coffee stand. There is one open gas station, and an open space for a competitor. McCleary has six churches. The average price for a single family home is $176,722. McCleary has its own PUD and water, so the bill for all electrocity, water and garbage is paid to the City of McCleary. McCleary also has three full time Grays Harbor Law Enforcement officers.

Main Attractions

McCleary is best known for the Bear Festival, which was started in 1958. The big event consists of a parade and it's court, vendors, a Saturday night dance, and it's famous bear stew. It is held every year on the first weekend of July. [5] On the third weekend of Saturday in September, McCleary has an all city garage sale.