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Grays Harbor Raceway is located in the Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds. Season starts early April and runs until early October. In a race the green flag will signify the start of the race, red and yellow flags are penalties, and the checkered flag ends the race. Drivers in each division have to follow their set of rules and regulations. Each division will earn points to win race. The payout from sponsors are different for each sponsor, but payouts start out at $40 for last place and can go all the way up to $1200 for first place.


Ticket prices at the door are $12. Season tickets are available and can save you $105 if paid for by February. If you choose option two for season tickets and pay in February, April, and June you can save $80. Grays Harbor Raceway also offers group rates for 20 or more at $9. Birthday party's cost $200 and allows 10 kids two adults. It includes kids meals for all children, decorations, meet the favorite driver, and throw of the green flag.


360 Sprint Cars


Hobby Stocks



USAC Ford Focus Midgets