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Grays Harbor is a large estuary on the outer coast of Washington state in the Northwest USA. It is about a 2.5-hour drive from Seattle. The harbor is about 15 miles long and wide. It is the only deepwater coastal port north of San Francisco. Notable towns in the area include Aberdeen and Hoquiam on the inland side of the harbor, and Ocean Shores and Westport on the outer coast.

Like Minded Businesses

The Grays Harbor Ocean Energy Company was founded in 2007 in Seattle, Washington to develop large offshore renewable energy projects with focus on the USA.

Organizations committed to sustainable practices have joined with Grays Harbor Paper for their paper supply and in doing so, have started a movement toward a more environmentally-friendly office environment and less waste. Nike, REI and Kettle Foods use Grays Harbor Paper, as well as several large universities and public agencies such as the City of Seattle, City of Portland, City of Santa Monica, City of Hoquiam, the State of Washington and the State of California. They are joined by environmental groups such as Metafore and Forest Ethics. Grays Harbor Paper products are used in these agencies to produce annual reports, sustainability reports, account and billing statements and for everyday copy and printer paper use.

In early 2007, a small group of Grays Harbor business leaders, elected officials and interested citizens began meeting around the topic of sustainability. Initially, these meetings centered around ways Grays Harbor communities might introduce or facilitate the way for additional enterprise development in the area of bio fuels, alternative energy and other “clean” technologies. Soon, however, the conversation turned to how Grays Harbor County, and its many towns, cities and other sub-jurisdictions, could become more sustainable overall.