Research Updates of Fall 2009

Annotated Bibliography


Lichyty, Lawrence Wilson, & Topping, Malachi C. American Broadcasting: A source book on the history of Radio and Television. Hastings House Publishers, 1976

This book provided a thorough review of the history of radio and television. Its sections that covered the Technical process of Television and the Economics of the television systems were what helped me out the most

Brown, James A. , & Quaal, Ward L. Broadcast Management: Radio and Television. Hastings House Publishers, 1976 – 1968

A Very dry a rye book, exactly what the title calls it, it’s a book based on the complete responsibilities of every possible aspect involved in broadcast management. It went through everything from principles of Management, programming, engineering, and broke everything down step by step. The Chapter on Broadcast sales is the area I concentrated on the most.

Paletz, David L.; Pearson E. Roberta; and Donald L. Willis Politics in Public Service Advertising on Television (PPSAT) Praeger Publishers 1977 – 1934

This Book was all about government PSA’s, Government involvement, and The Advertising Council.

Edited by Susan Tyler Eastman and Robert A. Cline, Strategies in Broadcast and Cable Promotion (SBCP) Wadsworth

This is one book from a series in Mass communication; it covered the topics of Promotion for television broadcasting, radio, marketing and cable Television.

Darrel M. West Air Wars: Television Advertising in Election Campaigns 1952-1996

This book went through the whole process of Television Advertising and campaign management on television for political figures, it also went through the history of from 52 to 96 of all the campaigns that used the television medium

Marling, Karal Ann.  As Seen On TV: The visual culture of everyday life in the 1950s Harvard University Press, 1994

Very similar to TV by Design, but less art oriented and more geared towards the simple aesthetics of art, and the mediums obsession with the way things looked

Sydney W. Head and Christopher H. Sterling Broadcasting in America: A survey of Television, radio, and new Technologies Houghton Mifflin Company 1982

From Radio to Cable television, and everything in-between, from politics to Advertising methods and all the developmental processes in-between.

Spiegel Lynn, TV by Design: Modern art and the rise of network television. The university of Chicago press

This book delves into the aesthetic nature and the immersion of art into television from advertising to programming.

Conrad, Jon, J. The TV Commercial: How is it made. Van Nostrand Reinhold Company 1983

The making of television commercials, history, agency, types beginning end, film and video.

-          Periodicals

The FCC, The Market for Television Advertising: The Determinants of Television Station Profitability 1980

A research Report conducted by the FCC found on Micro Fiche. This book talks about business models and determining factors in advertising.

McDonough, John, Advertising Age: Why 1960 is the Golden Age of Advertising 6/23/2008, Vol. 79, Issue 25

John goes into detail about what made the 1960s advertising era so golden, or not so golden, he speaks with spite in his tongue.

McDonough, John, Advertising Age: Media: Channels of Anxiety6/23/2008, Vol. 79, Issue 25

Here he Talks about the Preying upon the public’s anxiety and the selling of fear as a tactic throughout advertising. Also goes into history about the 60s

The Museum of Broadcast Communications (MBC): (

This web page goes into the history of television advertising funding and programming.

Used for the simple fact quoted

Was used for various information such as details about CBS, NBC, ABC, etc.