Computer and Network Security
Student Originated Software
Spring Quarter, 2009-2010
Thu 1:00 - 3:00 pm,
Web site: Academic Program Page
Professor: Richard Weiss
Office: Lab II 3260
Phone: 867-6871
Office Hours: Monday 4:00 - 5:30 and by arrangement
This component of the program is a survey of security-related issues.

Learning objectives: becoming aware of how security problems arise and how to prevent them.

  • Network Security by Kaufman, Perlman, Speciner
  • The Craft of System Security by Smith and Marchesini
  • Counter Hack Reloaded by Skoudis and Liston
  • IEEE Security and Privacy

Requirements for Credit
  • Evaluations are based on panel presentations
  • weekly writing
  • class discussion
Calendar and Readings
week 1   Cryptography Basics
Kaufman Ch 2, see moodle
week 2   Cryptography/ Hashes and Message Digests
Kaufman Ch 5 (will be posted), articles on moodle
week 3   Cryptography/ RSA/ Authentication
modular arithmetic
Failures of Tamper-Proofing (Nov 2009)
week 4   OS Security
Java Security Policy
week 5   Network Security
Dependability in Wireless Networks (Jan 2007)
Potential Hazards of the Protect America Act (Jan 2008)
Implementing Trustworthy Services (Oct 2005)
week 6   Distributed Trust
week 7   PKI, Denial of Service
week 8   Rootkits and macros
Designing Host and Network Sensors to Mitigate Insider Threats (Nov 2009)
Frightened by Links (Nov 2009) (clickjacking)
week 9   XSS
week 10   Log files