The program description is posted in Week 11 on the moodle site.

Week 10 Important Dates

Monday, Dec. 7:

Grant Proposal due by 5 pm. Hard copy to office of faculty advisor. Remember to save a copy of your group’s power point presentation at the following location:


Also we would like each student to write a brief paragraph describing their contributions to grant proposal and presentation. Please bring two copies of this paragraph to class on Tuesday.

Tuesday, Dec. 8:

Meet at 9 am in Lab 1, 3rd Floor, for lab cleanup. Bring 4 copies of self-evaluation for peer review. Bring books and notes for final review in small groups. Remember to return your field gear pack to Lab Stores.

Wednesday, Dec. 9:

Final Exam in Lecture Hall 2. We will have exams to hand out at 9 am and we will pick up exams at noon. You may bring one page of notes. History / philosophy essay questions are posted under Week 10 on moodle site.

Program gathering and potluck at Nalini’s house, 12:30 to 2:30.

(We will hand out address and phone on Monday. We will also arrange carpools on Monday. We may reserve one van for the trip.)

Thursday, Dec. 10:

Portfolios due by 5 pm to office of seminar leader:

Nalini’s office is Lab 2, 2259

Kevin’s office is Seminar 2, E2102

Portfolio Checklist:

1) Underwear papers with faculty comments. (If you have revised underwear papers, include original and revised underwear papers, with revisions highlighted or marked.)

2) Midterm exam, both forest ecology and history / philosophy sections.

3) Lecture, seminar, reading, field notes.

4) Other material that documents your learning in the program.

Week 11 / Evaluation Week

Bring to the evaluation conference a) final version of your self-evaluation (required), b) faculty evaluations for both Kevin and Nalini (required), c) program evaluation for Temperate Rainforests (optional).

Conferences will be in the office of your seminar leader. We will have sign up sheets for conferences at our last seminar meeting.