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First Day of Winter Qtr

Writing Matters kicks off winter quarter on Tuesday, January 5th, at 1:00pm in SEM 2 B1107.
Bring everything you need for writing in class.
See you there!

Assignment 5: Refine Your Scene Analysis

Assignment_5: Refine Your Scene Analysis.
Due: Thursday, October 8, 2009
Copies: One for faculty, one for you, and enough additional copies to be easily read in peer groups.
Please organize your refined analysis according to the McKee’s 5 steps (see Story, page 257) listing each step number and heading. Papers should include your name, the name of the [...]

Assignment 4: Scene Analysis

Assignment_4: Scene Analysis
Due: Wednesday, October 7, 2009
Copies: One—for you
Analyze a key scene from your screenplay using the five-step process described by McKee beginning on page 257 in Story.
Step 1. Define the Conflict.
Step 2. Note the Opening Value.
Step 3. Break the Scene into Beats.  (exchange of action/reaction)
Step 4. Note the Closing Value and Compare with Opening [...]

The Controlling Idea

Crafting a controlling idea for your film story is challenging. Don’t get too hung up trying to articulate it at the premise stage. As with modern writing theory, in screenwriting we often need to work our way into our idea to see what we’re really writing about. So, revisit your controlling idea again [...]

Assignment_2: Rewrite & Shorten Your Scene

Due: Thursday, October 1, 2009
Copies:  Please make a copy for each character plus one for yourself and one for faculty. So, if your scene has three characters, bring 5 copies.  Typed or word-processed.
Rewrite & Shorten Your Scene
For this assignment, use the following guidelines:
Cut the length of your scene by half.
Clarify your protagonist and what [...]

Seminar Passes Required

As a student enrolled in Writing Matters you are required to prepare and submit a short piece of writing for admittance to each seminar. You are expected to write about concepts presented in weekly reading assignments, elaborating on those of greatest interest to you.  You should express why the ideas stand out for you and [...]

First Day

Hey All,
Our first day of class is Tuesday, September 29th.
Start time: 1:00pm.
Location for our first day: Lecture Hall 4
Remember: Bring paper/notebooks and a pen (every day).  This is a writing class after all….