In-Program Internships

All students who are providing a service to an organization or an individual need to complete an Internship contract.  Contact Academic Advising for this process.

Study Abroad

Students who study abroad must complete a waiver.  Since Ceremony is not an approved study abroad program this year, any student  who intend to do academic work abroad will need to register for an ILC to do this work.  Our program has done this in the past with students who traveled to Peru.  They could then re-enroll in Ceremony once they return or they could do the contract for 8 credits and stay enrolled in Ceremony for 8 credits and then go back to full-time in Ceremony when they return.  To do an ILC students submit a waiver and meet with the Dean before they travel - faculty  just need to sponsor the contract(s).

Human Subject Review

Any student who plan on doing activities that require an HSR need to go to the Deans Area for an application and additional information.

Student Evaluations/Your Academic essay

When you exit this program you email your faculty team an academic essay written in the third person to justify the credits accomplished during the quarter and/or year.  The essay will have a description of the academic project and expectations written by you followed by an assessment from you about your own work.  As the final evaluation is written by your faculty, he/she will add their own assessment of how well you achieved these expectations as well as those of an Evergreen graduate.  The evaluation submitted to the registrar will have a student voice, faculty voice and any comments submitted by an outside party that you worked with and/or who reviewed your academic project.   The description of the work written by you should match and justify the credit equivalencies (requested by the student and assigned by the faculty according to the contents of the academic essay).  Your academic portfolio/journal/web page/blog/etc will be presented by you as part of your exit presentation to your peers and faculty.