Every learner should read this page, especially the section where we outline the exit steps to follow and every learner should send us an e-mail to; and acknowleging to have read it and agree to it, along with the comments that they want to make. 

The subject in every email from you to any one of us in the faculty team should be Ceremony-Yourlastname.

Every other Saturday our program has a Theory to Praxis workshop, all participants are invited.

Participants who still plan to travel to Peru in any quarter under a ILC will find this Peru Module very informative.

Required reading: Intelligence Reframed by Howard Gardner for week one for first year students (or new to the program)

Suggested reading: Sample of how former students describe our past programs.

Strongly recommended to all participants: by week 10 submit via email your Fall academic essay (max 2 paragraphs)

If you plan to do an INTERNSHIP, contact one of us before the end of week 1


Your emerging curriculum (your academic work) starts where you are with the knowledge you already have and it follows the natural brain process, the order of events might be different for different people. We suggest to start these events when you are relaxed and ready, you may benefit from writing down your reflections to questions/statements similar to:
- What brought you to Evergreen? 
- Being in Evergreen, what brought you to the 2010-11 Ceremony program?
- Being In the Ceremony program:
1 - What do you want to learn? (content and goal)
2 - How are you going to learn it? (use multiple intelligences, Choice Theory, Pedagogy of the Oppressed)
3 - What do you plan to do with what you've learned? (the move from theory to practice, i.e., praxis)
4 - What difference will it make?  (build in reflection and assessment, from which springs the next round of the four questions) 


We are committed to taking advantage of all available instructional technology resources in Evergreen to become an environmentally friendly program and apply the most favored educational theories in Evergreen to build a community of free thinkers. One important task is to  participate in the development of a Covenant that honors hospitality, recognition and respect to all participants. We make extensive use of our tools for learning.

Inspirational Readings
5 Million Footsteps: The Transcontinental Trek of the Global Walk for a Livable World by Greg Edblom

Interesting links:

Our tools:                   

The trip to Peru

The CadillacAmerica project

Our yearly Generations Rising event

Evergreen is NOT one more four year college
(read page 3)

Twenty Year Vision: