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Hey last Quarter Class! This is a place to put up what you did . . so go ahead, Put it up!

Safeeks response

Hey last quarter was a blast! The goal for last quarter program was to develop an understanding of the ways the Internet had shaped our lives, there was readings in philosophy, technologys and some readings on Google. We focused alot on knowledge and how the internet will be used to change our lives. Last quarter Wiki work shops were great, I learned how to do editing with the Wiki page ( the real one that the world uses). I liked the philosophy readings that we covered in class, I wished that maybe this quarter we will have some more readings in philosophy. We did some final position paper of 3-5 pages on how the Internet shapes our conception of the nature and value of knowledge and also a 2-5 page speculative essay on the possible future of the internet.

Papers From Last Quarter

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