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Stephen Beck

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Stephen, caught by surprise

I live in Olympia. I am married and have four sons, one biologically and three by marriage.

I have taught at Evergreen since 1997. (Teaching history to appear soon.)

Before that, I lived and traveled along the Pacific Coast, Mexico, and Guatemala.

Before that, I worked as a community fundraiser in Providence, Rhode Island.

Before that, I taught philosophy at Rhode Island College and Brown University.

Before that, I was a graduate student in philosophy at Brown University, where I earned an A.M. and a Ph.D.

Before that, I was a student at Evergreen, where I earned a B.A.

Before that, I wandered aimlessly around Europe, looking for something-I-knew-not-what, and finding it.

Before that, I was a student at public schools in Olympia, and in Lansing, New York. (I did some wandering around Europe then too, more or less in the tow of my parents.)

Before that, I lived the life of a small child, of which I have several vague and disconnected memories.

Before that, I was born.