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What do you think will result from the internet ban in Egypt?

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In late January 2011, the Egyptian government shut down most, if not all, internet service in the country.


I am still somewhat baffled by this news. I have no knowledge on the government in Egypt, but the thought of being forcibly cut off from internet access would feel like a breach of my rights. The consequences of this decision must be pretty extreme. Right now I am thinking about business and economics. Cairo is a pretty formidable city, I would assume many of the businesses rely on the internet to send and receive information.

If anyone has any thoughts on this situation please post.


Jerome's Response

Not knowing much about the story, only just having heard about within the last 24 hours of the post, I would imagine this will cause chaos and rioting if it already hasn't. My question is, and I will look further into the story, is why is the internet being banned in that country? What is the Egyptian government afraid of? Are they afraid that people will not conform to their way of thinking?

Jerome Wilen

Additional info on Egypt banning internet and cell phone service

So I have finally read some articles that amid protests over economic policies, and to call for an end of the nearly 30-year rule of President Hosni Mubarak by organizing protests using facebook and Twitter, the Egyptian government shutdown internet and cell phone services this past week. I found two interesting articles.,2817,2376815,00.asp,2817,2348925,00.asp

Dear Jerome

Thanks for responding, and for finding more articles. I believe the ban has been lifted, however I'm finding some difficulty finding credible sources on the current situation or the effects.

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What did happen

In response to this crackdown on speech and expression (but not just this one) the Egyptian people peacefully rose up to overthrow their government and oust their leader Hosni Mubarak.

The current situation as of March 2011, is that the Egyptian military staged a peaceful coup and is in control of the Egyptian government. The military asserts that this is a temporary measure until voters establish a new government.

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