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What is Wikileaks?

Img Source: Wikileaks press kit.

WikiLeaks is an organization founded by Julian Assange. This organization has recently come to the forefront in international news for a variety of reasons centering around the release of copyright or classified information obtained illegally. Wikiileak's stated mission is the release of controlled information to bring transparency to large businesses and national governments. 'Cable-gate' and 'Collateral Murder' two recent Wikileaks releases feature prominently in the case of Private Bradley Manning.

What is Cable Gate?

WikiLeaks has been slowly releasing 44 years of United States diplomatic cables between embassies all over the world. The United States is portraying the organizations as criminals and guilty of endangering the lives of U.S Citizens. Many organizations and individuals are heralding Julian Assange as a hero and a true patriot for lifting a shroud of unnecessary secrecy over the scope and inner workings of U.S. Diplomacy. Because of the varied nature and volume of data leaked in this action the effects of Cable Gate on international relations and politics is contested. See also Cablegate to Date: Feb. 3, 2011 for more information.

What is Collateral Murder?

Collateral Murder is a video clip depicting the 'friendly fire' action by US military personell that left a handful of civilians (including children) and two Reuters journalists dead in an Iraqi residential neighborhood.

What is anonymous?

Anonymous A hacktavist group with no central organization or authoritative structure. Anonymous has previously engaged in acts of cyber crime with the stated goal of bringing awareness to corruption and persecution of Wikileaks. In an unrelated hacktavist action information was recovered by Anonymous leading to the HB Gary Federal Story. A portion of the leaked data pointed to illegal actions proposed against Constitutional Law scholar, Wikileaks supporter and writer, Glenn Greenwald

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