Field Study Components

Field Study  Project Components

A. Twice-Weekly Blog Posts and Responses:  You must post two entries per week detailing the work you are doing.  At least one should include a photograph of your artwork from that week.  You must respond to at least two other student’s posts each week.

 B.  Body of Studio Work:   In quantity, your project should result in the following: a minimum of 5-10 substantial finished works with 20 additional sketches; or 1 major installation piece and 2-3 smaller study/test installations; or an equivalent quantity of work (eg. 30 smaller, pieces).

 C.  Field Journal:   Your Field Study should result in a minimum of 6 entries over the three weeks, documenting your learning of at least 10 new species from your site.   Your field journal should include information on species interactions, behaviors, etc.  One entry must be a map of the site and one must include a landscape view.

 D.  Summary Essay:   Upon your return to campus, you must thorough notes documenting completion of your readings and a 600-800 word summary essay discussing your learning and accomplishments during your Field Study.