Winter Links

Week 10

Final portfolios are due this Friday.   A portfolio cover sheet is available on Moodle under week 10.

Week 9

Research projects are due this Thursday at 1PM.

Check out a landmark Supreme Court decision that affected Mexican-Americans here.

Week 8

Listen to Daisy Zamora read her poem “Mother’s Day” in English.

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Week 7

Class is canceled this Friday, February 18.

Week 6

Watch an interview with Ariel Dorfman:

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Week 5

Federico García Lorca

Study abroad deposits are due this week.

Week 4

Don’t forget about the internship fair on Wednesday, Jan 26, 12-3 in the Library Lobby.

Watch an interview with Bernardo Atxaga:

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Week 3

Read a New York Times article about recent efforts to promote Quechua.

The 16th-century Spanish bridge over the Pachachaca River.

Week 2

Check out detailed linguistic maps of Latin America on this website.

Week 1

Check out the library workshop webpage that Paul McMillin created for our program.

Our first program meeting for winter will be Tuesday, January 4, 2010 at 10am in Sem 2 D1105. Please read all of Eduardo Galeano’s Century of the Wind by the first program meeting.

Watch an interview with Eduardo Galeano:

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