The faculty for this program are:

Lara Evans, sound geekLara Evans, Ph.D.

Lara is an art historian with a specialization in contemporary Native American art., but she is also trained as an artist. She is curating an exhibition “Pieces of Home” in the Evergreen Gallery in Fall quarter and some of the program activities in fall and Winter will revolve around the exhibition: interviewing the artists, documenting the installation of the exhibition, and editing audio, video, and still images into short podcasts and a compilation of the shorts that could also be broadcast on the college’s cable television station. Lara also has an art blog called Not Artomatic: A Blog Wrestling with Art.



Laurie Meeker

Therese Saliba

This website has been designed to provide public information about the program Visions and Voices. There ewill also be a Moodle website for the program which will be password protected and only available to students enrolled in the program.

Visions and Voices is a FIRST YEAR (or freshman) ONLY program. If you are a sophmore or above, you will not be able to enroll in the program.

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