Readings for Weds, Week 4: “Everyday Life” and Poetic Intervention Continued


Readings online for Weds are below. And our collective web-text arts journal is now up and running here:

Please remember to get me your “Vicuna-inspired” re-writing of your partner’s found poem. And that your derive writing should be sent to me as attachment by this next Saturday. And PLEASE start putting up your creative work, as well as anything related to our course and to reclaiming public spaces, on our NEW BLOG!!! In such a large class, it’ll help us get to know each other and provide other means for us to do “critique” — which is to say, to ask what the text you are reading desires, and whether those desires are being met (a good way to think of critique or workshop).


David Buuck/BARGE, “Buried Treasure Island,” HERE (audio booklet/tour and 17 reasons why are also excellent to listen to/read on this site, so backtrack to BARGE’s main page for that stuff if you desire to read further)

Frank Sherlock & CAConrad’s PACE  HERE (Conrad will be here for a reading and somatic workshop on April 30th, look out for that announcement on our blog and my public blog)

Excerpt of “Landscapes of Dissent…” (courtesy of Nonsite Collective and the editors of the book, Jules Boykoff & Kaia Sand) HERE

Laura Elrick, “Stalk”  HERE

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