Where do the strategies, tactics, and lifestyles of contemporary activists come from?

Panel discussion led by author, Andrew Cornell

When: Thursday,  May 12th, 2011:  Noon-1:30

Where: Lobby of Library Building , Evergreen State College,

Oppose and Propose, by Andrew Cornell, just out from AK Press, documents and examines the history of Movement for a New Society. MNS was a radical formation in the 70s and 80s that brought together many of the ideas and practices that are now commonplace among radical activists, such as consensus decision-making, spokescouncils, collective living, unlearning oppressive behavior, and nonviolent direct action. This book opens critical questions for activists today. Join us in welcoming author Andrew Cornell to Olympia .

There will be a panel  led  by Andrew Cornell and also joined by Harjit Singh Gill, a thoughtful  activist from the San Francisco Bay  area, and Chris Dixon, who graduated from Evergreen in 2000 who  was instrumental in having Mumia as a graduation speaker that year,  was an active campus organizer and a major organizer  of the 1999 Seattle protests against the WTO which he has written about.   They will lead a discussion on the lessons from the theory and practice of Movement for a New Society for people interested in activism today.

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Flyer at: http://olyblog.net/sites/default/files/flyer_1.jpg

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