Things to remember for Week 10

Next week our schedule is as follows:

Monday, 12:10-3, B1107: Final exam, presentation rehearsals.  People who signed up to bring their laptops, please remember to do so.  Everyone should bring a copy of their presentation (Powerpoint, Quicktime or other) on a thumbdrive or laptop in order to rehearse effectively.

Tuesday, 9-4, Lab 2 2223 (studio/lab): Presentations

Wednesday, 9-1, Lab 2 2223 (studio/lab): Presentations

Thursday, 9-1, C1105: Presentations.  After presentations we’ll break for lunch then reconvene in Lab 2 2223 to clean the studio and receive your portfolios.  Participation in the studio clean up is mandatory.

Amy will soon post the schedule of presentations for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Check the schedule so you know when you will be presenting.

The portfolio checklist is on Moodle, as is a self-eval worksheet. Note that you need to include a draft of your self-evaluation with your portfolio.

Before your evaluation conference, please also write one evaluation each for Amy, Kevin and Ruth.  You may turn these in to the Program Secretaries in Lab 2 or give them to your writing workshop faculty in your conference.

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Scholarship Fund for STEM Fields

Washington state residents who are interested in pursuing science should check this out: “The newly-created Washington State Opportunity Scholarship will help low- and middle-income Washington residents earn bachelor degrees in high employer demand fields and other programs of study in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields as well as health care.”

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Animation lab available time 2/24

For any of you that need a little extra time shooting your animal behavior animations, one of my contract students just released the hours she’d reserved from 10 pm to midnight tonight. If you are interested in using that time, make your reservation through the usual channels asap!

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Animal Behavior Animations

When you’ve completed your animal behavior puppet animation, copy it to the Animal Behavior folder now in the workspace in our Orca program share.  Do this by 11:30 am of the due date, Monday, 2/27.

Monday we meet at noon in L2619 (the Mac Classroom in the Library) to look at your sequences and talk about them.

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Animation Special Skills Workshop 2/21

The Animation Special Skills Workshop meets Tuesday 9 am in the MultiMedia Lab for an introduction to Final Cut Pro and to edit animated sequences to sounds.   An introduction to rotoscoping and the rotoscope proficiencies will happen in the afternoon. Bring footage that you may want to rotoscope to class with you in the morning.

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Evolution Metamorphosis Drawings

For evaluation purposes, please choose 1-3 of your drawings from the animation you did for the Evolution Metamorphosis project and bring them to class on Tuesday, 2/14.  Put your name on the back of each and number them so we know what order they go in.  Put them in the box at the front of the room.

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Monday, February 6th Meeting

We will meet in the Mac Classroom, Library 2619 at noon to watch, discuss and celebrate your Evolution Metamorphosis animations.  All animated sequences should be uploaded to the Evolution Metamorphosis folder in the workspace on Orca by 11:30 am.

After that we will relocate to our usual meeting place, Sem 2 B1107 for a workshop.  You will need to have copies of these books with you: Scott, Grandin and Marzluff/Angell.

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Monday, January 30th Meeting

We will meet as usual in Sem II B1107 today, starting class at 12:10.  If you haven’t yet downloaded the revised, post-snow syllabus and assignment schedule from the Moodle site, make sure you do that today!

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Animation Special Skills Workshop Location

The Animation Special Skills workshop will meet in the Multimedia Lab tomorrow morning (1/24) at 9 am.  That’s on the first floor of the Library, directly across from the Electronic Media main desk.

Part of the morning activities will be field recording of whatever animal sounds you can find outdoors, so you should dress warmly and wear shoes/boots that will keep your feet dry.

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Thursday is Snow Day (too)!

Evergreen will be closed again on Thursday, which means we will not have class again until next week. Here are some changes / reminders for next week.

Library research workshop (Monday) as scheduled: Bring your tentative ideas for projects to the computer labs in the library building (same place we had animation critiques last quarter). We will meet at the computer lab at ­noon.

Special skills workshop (Tuesday): We will post a spreadsheet on the moodle site with each person’s workshop. If you did not sign up for a workshop or if you would like to change your workshop, please send an email to all three faculty indicating your first choice for the workshop. We will post the spreadsheet by tomorrow (Thursday) and a brief syllabus/list of required materials for each special skills workshop by Saturday.

Writing Workshop (Wednesday): Essay #1 (originally due today) is now due next Wednesday, January 25, along with your treatments of the final project. We will workshop/peer review both documents. Bring 11 or 1 copies of Essay #1 as you would have for the writing workshop that was cancelled today.

Lecture/Seminar (Thursday): Please complete all readings for Week 2 and 3 by Thursday of next week. By tomorrow, we will post an assignment sheet on the moodle site with the seminar material for next Thursday (Sapolsky readings and Marzluff chapters).

Finally (this is a long list!), we encourage you to look for animal tracks as you are out exploring in the snow. You may have more or less luck depending on when and where you look—so this assignment is recommended but not required. If you find something, great! If not, no worries.

Kevin, Amy, Ruth

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