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Accountability of researchers

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Evergreen's proposed code of conduct would allow the school to retract a student's diploma is it suspected they were academically dishonest during their tenure at the school. Dedication to bibliographic management use is one of the best ways for students to prove to professors the amount of research performed and the sources used. Additionally, if a student copies a source word for word and doesn't have that source listed anywhere in their reference management account, they can be called out for plagiarism and dealt with appropriately.

At a school structured like Evergreen, there are many opportunities for group collaboration. WIth many bibliographic managers, groups can be created and members of those groups can see each others source lists. If one person has 70 sources and another group member has 4, it is pretty clear who has spent more time researching. This also alleviates the stress of how to approach a professor about inequalities in effort in groups. Many students feel uncomfortable calling out their peers for laziness, but not a teacher can access their students accounts and see it for themselves!