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Current Evergreen State College Archival Software

A current grant from Northwest Digital Archives has allowed our current archives to upgrade its software, repository, and hire a new assistant to help with transitioning our current database from its html to a standard xml format and following the standard records template used by all NWDA members.

Front End User Software

Front end user software or user interface(UI) is software that allows the user to access data that lives behind what you actually see on your screen.

Evergreen is currently using 2 software applications to manage data to make that data accessible to the public: Dreamweaver and Archivists' Toolkit(AT).


Dreamweaver is a web authoring and editing software that provides both visual and code-level capabilities for creating standards-based websites and designs for the desktop, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. While using this program was easy because it basically writes the language for you, keeping track of your data ie... your actual files, scans, photos, or other data in your archives, there is no matching "base". Our archives use a simple file collection method. There is no spreadsheet, or "list" of all the data that is held within our archives.

Archivists' Toolkit

The Archivists’ Toolkit™(AT), is the first open source archival data management system to provide broad, integrated support for the management of archives. It is intended for a wide range of archival repositories. The main goals of the AT are to support archival processing and production of access instruments, promote data standardization, promote efficiency, and lower training costs.

The Archivists’ Toolkit™ Verses Dreamweaver

The Archivists’ Toolkit™(AT) application supports accessioning and describing archival materials; establishing names and subjects associated with archival materials, including the names of donors; managing locations for the materials; and exporting EAD finding aids, MARCXML records, and METS, MODS and Dublin Core records. Future functionality will be built to support repository user/resource use information, appraisal for archival materials, expressing and managing rights information, and interoperability with user authentication systems. Dreamweaver has none of these functions.

The AT project is a collaboration of the University of California San Diego Libraries, the New York University Libraries and the Five Colleges, Inc. Libraries, and is generously funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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