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Digital Archiving and Bibliographic Management

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bibliographic management

  • services available?
  • pros/cons of various kinds of technology?
  • who hosts the services of these different management sites/ how is the *information safe guarded?
  • Public/gov't access to private bibliographies?
  • free v. pay sites?

List of sources to explore

I used illiad to request a bunch of interesting sounding articles from the journal of archival organization. i'll update when they come in.

info below is great. 101 pages. READING CURRENTLY DON'T REPRINT!

[PDF] Good archives make good scholars: Reflections on recent steps toward the archiving of digital information [PDF] from psu.eduD Waters - The State of Digital Preservation: An International …, 2002 - Citeseer 78 Good fences make good neighbors.” This famous aphorism from Robert Frost's poem “Mending Wall” suggests the title and subject of this paper. 1 Let me begin by explain- ing the relevance of the poem to the topic of the archiving of digital information. A Preservation Parable “ ...

D-Lib Magazine January 2000 Volume 6 Number 1

ISSN 1082-9873 Best Practices for Digital Archiving An Information Life Cycle Approach Spacer Line Spacer Gail M. Hodge Information International Associates, Inc. Consultant to the International Council for Scientific and Technical Information

Technology for Archiving

Atiz - Most Popular Book Scanner from the World Leader in Book Scanning. - i2S corp. - i2S to acquire a majority interest in Kirtas Technologies ... - Zeutschel - Zeutschel, digitale und analoge Speichersysteme - ... - - Kirtas Technologies the leader in Automatic Book Scanning ... -

Various Bibliographic Management Solutions