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EBooks and Library Collection Development

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Important Thoughts Regarding Collection Development

The Future of Libraries

Stanley Chodorow- "The electronic media will change our long-established methods of presenting information and the results of research, and it will fundamentally change a major part, perhapsthe major part, of the library's function. The place of the library in the world of information will also be fundamentally altered."

Development of Digital Libraries- accessed through ebrary

scholastic bookflix, tumblebooks

How to enhance collections

How many Evergreen students own e-readers?

Deep understanding of user needs will be critical for academic librarians to embed their expertise into the research process and re-caste themselves within this new digital landscape by creating filters and tools that help users to navigate in a sea of diverse resources. Academic librarians must build a new brand of authority not through the curation of a collection, but instead through the curation of the discovery experience itself.

Collection Development: Then & Now

Stanley Chodorow

"When a collection developer selects a book or periodical, it is purchased, processed, and then managed as part of the collection. In the world of print, collection development is a discreet task. In the world of the Internet, collection development must be an iterative process. The librarian must regularly check up on the resources that he or she has chosen for inclusion in the library's collection of Internet resources because the owners of those resources may let them deteriorate, or may transfer to another owner." (12)

Collection management will be iterative

Students would have a wide-open window on the world of scholarship and could enter it much earlier than they do now. (15)

==="The library is at the heart of the university."===
- Charles William Eliot, President of Harvard University 1869-1909

The library must maintain collections of the past while embracing new platforms and digitizing those collections as well.

Future Learning Spaces
" A library is not a place and is about much more than books." (Hawkins, 1994)


"E-Books via Databases"

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Tangible Strategies