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EReader Borrower's Agreement

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Book Torrent eReader Borrower's Agreement CRN 10342 Fall 2011

BT# __________________ Asset Tag #______________________________________________________

Description _________________________________________________________________________________

TERMS The undersigned (i.e. borrower) agrees to abide by program policies and procedures outlined in the Book Torrent internship covenant and the following terms: 1) borrower accepts full financial responsibility for items signed out and for the loss or damage of said items and all components 2) acknowledges responsibility to test equipment before leaving program meeting to verify its condition which is otherwise assumed to be in good working order 3) to pay for any and all expenses necessary to repair damaged item(s) or replace lost item(s) at their current retail value or designated equivalent value and any related service fees 4) to pay any late fees that may be assessed if items are not returned by the agreed upon due date. Borrower is aware that it is against the law to use this equipment for commercial purposes. Borrower is liable for any Copyright Law infringement (TITLE 17, US Code).

Print and Sign Name Date Out Date In