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Fall Syllabus

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Meeting Schedule

Mon 10am-12pm - Library Conference Room
Book seminar

Wednesdays 10-12pm - Library 3301
Student presentations of research

Fridays 1-4pm - Library 3425
Team meetings

Reading List

Week 2 Oct 3-7
The Book on the Bookshelf by Henry Petroski

Week 3 Oct 10-14
The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel

Week 4 Oct 17-21
The Myths of Innovation by Scott Berkun

Week 5 Oct 31-Nov 4
The Late Age of Print by Theodore G. Striphas

Week 6 Oct 24-28
Switching Codes by Thomas Bartscherer

Week 7 Nov 7-11
The Most Human Human by Brian Christian

Week 8 Nov 14-18
Alone Together by Sherry Turkle

Thanksgiving Break - Nov 21-25

Week 9 Nov 28-Dec 2
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

Week 10 Dec 5-9
Library Redesign Proposal Draft

Internship Duties

Knowledge Base - For the bulk of internship duties, we will conduct and assemble research into a single knowledge base for consideration in the library's institutional redesign. We'll document and share our research findings through a Zotero group. We'll assemble and integrate our findings in a program wiki.

Each student will be responsible for twelve hours of research per week. Students may schedule their own hours, with the condition that at least eight hours be conducted in the library each week. All research and research hours will be logged electronically via the wiki and Zotero applications. A sign in and out log will be provided at the reference desk.

Research Agenda - The goal of our research is to assemble the most current information available on selected topics: current trends in text and trade book publishing; eBooks and library collection development; institutional change in the field of librarianship; copyright and the concept of iteration; digital media in English literacy; digital archiving and bibliographic management; digital media and the humanities. Students will negotiate to distribute these topics and work in teams of two.

Site Visits - Students will visit area libraries to investigate how nearby libraries are responding to rapid changes in the field of library and information studies. Observation and reporting on public services, available collections, catalog interface, and physical plant organization will provide important support for our redesign considerations. Students may request weekly work exchange duties within our library as an alternative to this assignment.

Academic Assignments

Reading Seminars - We will seminar across eReader platforms each week on the assigned text. We will focus seminar discussions on our own questions and insights as readers. At the end of each seminar, we'll report on and trade eReaders so that each of us gets a chance to investigate a variety of platforms.

Reading Response Papers - Writings based on each week’s book assignment will be due at the start of each seminar on Wednesday afternoons. The short, but serious writing assignment should review (not just summarize) book content and arguments, focus thoughts for discussion, and practice college writing skills. It should be printed in a reasonable font and be 1-2 pages in length.

Library Redesign Proposal - In Week 5 of Fall quarter, research teams will begin coordinating their findings into a single, comprehensive library redesign proposal. We'll present an outline draft of the proposal to the library faculty at the end of the quarter. In Winter, we'll incorporate faculty commentary and continuing team research to develop a final draft for library group presentation in Winter Week 8.