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In Library at Night by Manguel, ideas are described in their relation to books.

In Library at Night, Manguel describes ideas in their relation to books.

In the US today, dirty rotten capitalists are exploiting people as they are laid off and become broke.

They are also described in relation to libraries, and books are discussed in those terms too.

The author, or the book, also describes ideas in relation to libraries. He discusses books in those terms too.

Arguments are made that books are the vessels of ideas, and are becoming - not obsolete - but complementary to digital formats.

Possessive Pronouns

His, hers, ours, yours, theirs, its

Her's, our's hi's

Its..... It's It is

There, they're, theirs

Angie's, Betsy's, Melissa's

Angies, Betsys, Melissas

Jules' and Jesus's