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Retail Bibliographic Managers

Although retail bibliographic managers are those purchased either at a store or over the internet, they will often have a web component. The following is a list of retail bibliographic managers.


  • Biblioscape - $79-$299
  • Bookends - $99
  • Citavi - $111-$231 (Projects under 100 citations are free)
  • EndNote - $299.95
  • Mendeley - $4.99-$9.99 per month
  • Papers - $79
  • Reference Manager - $239.95
  • Sente - $129.95

Conclusions about Retail Bibliographic Managers

Retail based bibliographic managers are often the most stable of the bibliographic managers. The code is secure, meaning it is not open to editing from the users. There are support people who are paid to make sure the programs are running smoothly. There are users manuals for end users to be able to learn the functionality of the software without too much trouble. New versions of the software can be rolled out, so innovations and bugs can be worked out. Often times, end users find retail bibliographic management services more user friendly. There is a greater chance the information saved in each user's account is more secure, not necessarily to protect them from national security oversight, but to protect them from rogue hackers intent on wreaking havoc. In the section Bibliographic Management Solutions at Evergreen I recommended RefWorks, a retail program, for Evergreen's future use.