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Structural Hierarchy Within a Library

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Traditional Structure

Academic Administrators

  • Deans (often also Full Professors)
    • Associate Deans (often also Full Professors)
    • Assistant Deans
  • Directors of Administrative Departments
    • Associate/Assistant Directors of Administrative Departments
  • Chairs or Heads of Academic Departments[1]

Within the Library

  • Librarian
  • Associate Librarian
  • Assistant Librarian
  • Affiliate Librarian[2]

There are many specializations of librarian, such as catalog librarians, archivists, reference, children's, etc. and particular individual's place in a library organizational structure will often be more dependent on how many years spent working at that specific library in comparison to other (senior) staff.


Beginning in the mid-1990's, there has been a movement towards librarianship teams instead of an administrative hierarchy. A main reason for this was to improve customer service and direct involvement, with mixed though generally positive results[3]. Teams often became more efficient, and team leaders could interact with higher-ups (Library Directors, esp.) and with their own team with a faster turnaround.