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Trevor - this is the Booktorrent Talk page! post things, chat back and forth about class things, and so forth. We talked about making this page today in the meeting, so ta-daaaa here we are.

Latest News

It might be helpful if we put newer posts at the top..?

Betsy:If people are having issues with formatting or coding, I can probably help. Let me know.

11/15 Owen: I've been talking with some of my geek friends about all the books we've been reading lately. Learned about this phenomenon known as the "uncanny valley." It refers to the feelings of revulsion we feel around robots that look like humans. Here's a link to the Wikipedia article iffin you're intrigued:

Betsy: I am thinking about the practicality of taking pictures of the interior of our library and modifying them in a graphics program to present an idea of what the MOST AWESOME LIBRARY OF OUR DREAMS would look like. I have a digital tablet and could probably mock something up in a few hours.

Hey! Angie again! I've been swamped, but things are calming down a bit. Maybe the first week of october for dinner at my place?

Hey, it's angie. you all should come over and eat. i'll be in california next weekend, but other than that. yeah. when works for people?

trevor again. food sounds good. anyway, here's what we wrote up in seminar (wk 4)

  • slides
  • brainstorm w/ students
  • longer hours (maybe switch up staffing assemblage, have core library staff during daytime, interns and other for overnight? How would that work?)
  • more study space/different furniture/more outlets
  • space dedicated to E. Research
  • coffee bar
  • student survey
  • researching databases what should we subscribe to? -Keep or no?- Jstor/ArtStor vs Google!
  • access to budget records
  • events DANCE fundraisers
  • ADAPTABLE -> push forward, but don't be silly (don't invest in all of the eReaders just yet!)
  • about 5 years, 2 budget cycles, 8% library budget D: $$
  • Print collection v. eBook -> what to do w/ budget fluctuations?
  • Space usage/study environment. Academic aspects.
  • Basement use? Open the main floor area? Ground level--> more quiet space

(Reformatted by Betsy for ease of reference. Thank you Trevor for typing up the content!)

Katy - Owen and Paul, I won't be able to make it to class 10/19- threw up some introductory digital humanities stuff which you are waaay more than welcome to edit if you would like! also anjie i really down to eat your food whenever you want me to. send me some smoke signals.