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Museum or Mausoleum

February: Independent Field Study


Courtesy of Cresny's photos via Getty Images

Weeks 5 thru 8 (February 1-29) will be Individual Museum Field Studies.

Feeds to student blogs will be available on the “Student Journals” page, located in the sidebar menu.

Assignments to be completed during museum field study and submitted electronically include: an annotated bibliography using Zotero and a research paper on the history of the museum; a quantitative assessment and visualization of data, an organizational diagram of the museum structure using Prezi, a material culture essay modeled on a similar chapter in Sherry Turkle’s Evocative Objects: Things We Think With, a field journal, and a log.  Back on campus weeks 9 and 10, students will create podcasts integrating audio and visual material about their field study and make presentations about the results of their museum-based field studies.

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