About SOS:Visual Art

Program Description:

This is an intensive full-time, two-quarter program designed for students ready for intermediate to advanced work in theory and practice in the visual arts.  Students should be ready to work independently in the studio and in their research, but must also be interested in the learning community that a classroom provides. The academic content, lectures, and instruction are a collaboration between the faculty and the students enrolled. Credits are earned through your project and research related to your project and program activities such as seminars, the Artist Lecture Series, field trips, and research presentations.

Students will design their own projects including proposed materials and theoretical research, they will write papers, share their research through presentations, work intensively in the studio together, produce a significant thematic body of work, and participate in demanding critiques.

Expect to work on program assignments 20 – 30 hours per week outside of class meetings.

Weekly Schedule: to include in-class work time, critique, workshop/lecture

Fall quarter will be a more structured environment in order to have a common culture of readings and knowledge base. There will be structured class time for seminar, lecture/workshops and student presentations of art historical content. Students will begin working on their proposed projects with the understanding that the outcome is not an a priori deal but will come through the process of experimenting and taking risks both materially and intellectually. Winter quarter will be an intensification of focus on individual projects with the understanding that there will necessarily be new iterations of projects from fall quarter. Part of the overall work will be allowing for development and change in direction and thoughtful articulation of the process as the inquiry progresses.