Individual Artist’s Statement

due 5 pm Saturday March 17

  • You will submit a narrative description of your individual participation and contributions to your group as a performer/composer and your personal learning in that process.
  • This is a chance for you to demonstrate your intentionality, though your specific intentions may differ slightly from those of the entire group.
  • You will address all of the following questions in your narrative description.
  • The answers to these questions are necessary but not sufficient components of your narrative description; in other words, you will address these questions but the answers can’t be the only things you include.
    1. How did you contribute to rehearsals and to the process of finalizing the script? Provide specific examples.
    2. What skills or talents did you bring to the group that contributed to your composition/performance?
    3. In what ways was your group’s presentation of the scientific ideas successful? In what ways could the presentation of scientific ideas been improved? Provide specific examples.
    4. In what ways was your participation in the final performance successful? In what ways would you have liked to improve your participation in the final performance? Provide specific examples.
    5. What were the most successful aesthetic elements in your performance? What were your contributions to these successful aesthetic elements?
    6. How were the aesthetic elements of your project strengthened by the collaborative nature of your composition process? What were the challenges you faced in your composition collaboration?
    7. What were your greatest areas of learning or growth? Provide specific examples.

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