Week 5

EG = Essential Galileo; G:SI = Galileo: A Very Short Introduction; TS/IS = They Say/I Say

Week 5 Mon. Oct. 24 Tue. Oct. 25 Wed. Oct. 26 Thu. Oct. 27
  • Hamlet:  IV-V
  •  EG – Ch.8 (pp.190-222)
  • G:SI – Ch.5
  • TS/IS: Ch. 7
  • review EG – Ch.10 (pp.356-357)
  •  Hamlet: IV-V
  • EG – Ch.8 (pp.222-233)
  • G:SI – Ch.6


Reading ahead for Week 6




Seminar Paper
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Seminar Paper Response
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Physics “Problem Set” 4 (your design) due in Physicists WorkshopPhysics Problem Set 4 “Solutions”  Seminar Paper
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Seminar Paper Responses posted by 9 am Fri.
Oct. 28
 Notes We will be watching a film version of Hamlet during lecture slots. Bring critical essays with faculty comments and copies of seminar posts to writers workshop 4:00 p.m. bus leaves for Seattle Shakespeare Production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 

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