Individual Researcher’s Statement

due 8 pm Thursday March 1

  • You will submit a narrative description of your individual participation and contributions to your group’s research process and your personal learning in that process.
  • You will address all of the following questions in your narrative description. The answers to these questions are necessary but not sufficient components of your narrative description; in other words, you will address these questions but the answers can’t be the only things you include.
    • How did you make room in the collaborative process for your own intellectual interests?
    • What were the most interesting things you learned? Why were they interesting to you?
    • What would you have liked to study in more depth?
    • What did you contribute to your group’s research documentation? Provide specific examples, including (but not limited to) what you read or found, what you contributed specifically to the annotated bibliography, and what you contributed specifically to the research summary update
    • What new concepts/skills did you learn by doing this work? Provide specific examples.

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