Program Description

A program for students who wish to travel to a city of their choice and means to conduct a three week field study, for example: urban story writing, architecture, urban gardens, music, arts, photography, city planning, or a self-selected urban topic of interest.  This is a second session summer program.  The first week, July 31 to August 2, is spent on campus for an overview of urban studies, the completion of a formal field study plan, a seminar on Travel as a Political Act (Steves), and the creation of a WordPress site.  The next three weeks, August 4 to August 25, is the time period of city travel, with a return to campus for the last week August 28 to 30 for reflection and field study presentations.  During the field study period, students will prepare full journal entries on their individual WordPress sites.

New York City Sidewalk (Keith Haring}  photo by Mike Lee,   Reproduced with permission

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