Each room of the structures we call “house” has special meaning, entertains special activities, and implies that there is human intent or deliberateness, a human tendency that Ellen Dissanayake in What is Art For (1990) connects to the very nature of what we refer to as “art.”

During spring quarter, students who have been studying the field of domestic space will have a chance to act on their individual interests in pursuing the topic further.  Students will identify and plan an individual, or small group, project that includes research and project work.   Students might prepare a formal research project that deals with ethnography, theater, fiction or nonfiction writing, health and sustainability, poetry, or other academic fields.   Or, they might devise a plan that includes art or design in the fields of building and construction, furniture, drawing, painting, collage, visual media, kitchen arts, or various other forms of visual representation work concerning domestic space.

Spring quarter includes formal documentation, sharing, and critique of students’ project progress and works.  During the quarter, students will meet once a week as a whole program group to share and critique each other’s works, and in a seminar meeting to discuss student selected readings on domestic space.  Each student will also design a WordPress site that documents his or her selected project and that maintains inquiry into domestic space.