Learning Goals

By pursuing answers to the complex questions discussed in the program description and completing the related program work, you will demonstrate your competency with respect to each of the following learning goals, which are modeled after the “Expectations of an Evergreen Graduate”:

1.  articulating and assuming responsibility for your own work.

2.  working collaboratively.

3.  communicating clearly through writing, speaking and other forms of intelligences

4.  thinking creatively, critically, and holistically, as demonstrated through a variety of program activities.

5.  examining prior knowledge, integrating new information and synthesizing insights from a broad range of resources.

Program questions to be explored include:

1. What is health?

2. What are some of the relationships between personal, social, financial and environmental health?

3. How does a mindbody perspective inform health?

4. How does food influence health?

5. How can we develop our skills in using signals from the body to gain awareness and insight?

6. What is the relationship between spirituality and health?


You will discuss your progress toward these goals in your self-evaluation and during your conferences with faculty.  Our academic work will focus on linking theory and practice, as well as supporting students to develop and meet their own intellectual goals within the context of the learning community.


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