Quiz 3 Revision info

  • Use the Quiz 3 Revision Version for this revision (you can also find a link at the Week 4 Calendar page). Print out and complete your answers on the Revision Version itself. Each question on the Revision Version is modified from the original quiz question. They are basically the same, but the numbers (or equivalent) have been changed.
  • The expectations for the quality of Quiz Revision solutions are substantially higher than for the original quiz. You should re-do each part of every question you are revising.
  • You should come to the Revision Discussion with the Quiz Revision already completed and in hand. Bring your original Quiz with you as well.
  • This week’s Quiz Revision Discussion will occur Tuesday in the CAL. Given the wait time in the last Quiz Revision Discussion, we will likely take individual students for the Quiz Revision Discussion during Math Lab 5, and continue into the noon hour as needed.
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