Week 9 Calendar Page Available

Some special items to note

  • No class on Monday (Memorial Day)
  • Reading Response and Reflections are due Monday at 6pm rather than Sunday
  • The Assignments & Assessments Checklist with Program Activities Log is Due Tuesday at 8:30. Please see the Week 8 Calendar page for Thursday May 22 if you need the handout passed out in class.
  • Tuesday at 8:30 am is Quiz 7 on Week 8 material in Lecture Hall 5. We will have a lecture from 9 – 10 on the pre-calculus reading. We’ll start the Math Lab at 10:15 in the CAL.
  • Individual Quiz 6 revisions are due Tuesday and must be entirely complete, correct, and with clear reasoning for each problem. See the Week 8 calendar page to get a copy of the individual quiz revision.
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