Reflection 9 Prompts

You can find the link to the online submission form for the Reflection 9 prompts here. The Essay Prompts this week are in anticipation of, and intended to support, your writing of your Self-Evaluation. Respond to Prompt 1, Prompt 2A and/or 2B, and Prompt 3.

  • (Prompt 1): Look through your math or physics problem set notebook. Identify a problem from early in the quarter (say the first 3 weeks) that you found challenging, and describe the problem and what you found challenging. Similarly, identify a problem from later in the quarter (say the last 3 weeks) that you found challenging, and describe that problem and what you found challenging. Then, specifically compare and contrast the quality of the solution to the early problem compared to the later problem, identifying specific elements of your solutions which show the growth in your mathematical and/or scientific thinking.
  • Choose at least one of the following 2 prompts (2A or 2B) to respond to:
    • (Prompt 2A): Look through your physics (or math) lab notebook. Identify one (or a few) moment where you encountered physics or math principles or skills that you personally found interesting, important, and/or challenging. Provide specific details to tell a story of what you learned from that moment about that principle/skill, how you learned it, how well you learned it, evidence of that learning, and the importance of that learning.
    • (Prompt 2B): Identify one (or more) problem you worked on this quarter from a problem set, solution posting, quiz, or exam that you found most interesting and/or challenging. Tell the story of your experience with that problem, including a description of the problem, the relevant math/physics concepts and/or skills involved, what you learned by working through that problem, and what you found interesting/challenging. By using specific evidence and descriptive language, your story should show, not just tell, how and what you learned.
  • (Prompt 3): You have studied quite a bit of mathematics and physics over the past ten weeks, learning concepts, content, and problem-solving. You have also been encouraged to develop further some important process skills and habits, including academic discipline, work ethic, and patterns of thinking. What are some important lessons regarding your process skills/habits that you have learned through your work in this program that you hope will help you in your future work?
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