Week 7


  • No new physics reading this week
  • No Physics Problem Set this week

      • Read: Ch 6 all sections, plus Ch 1.6, 5.4
      • Problem Set


Sun. Feb. 9
  • Week 6 Reflection due online by noon
Mon. Feb. 17
  • School is closed for President’s Day
Tue. Feb. 18
Wed. Feb. 19
  • Physics Lab 10
    • Meet in the CAL at 8:30 or 10:30.
    • If convenient bring any personal musical instruments.
    • If convenient, bring an empty plastic or glass beverage bottle (soda, juice, etc.) – the kind that if you blow across the opening, you can make a sort of whistle.
  • Week 7 Resource Postings due online by 11:59 pm (you will need to log in to this web-site; on the home page, under Meta in the right hand navigation bar, the second link is to Log In)
Thu. Feb. 20
  • Problem Set (see above) for Problem Session in Sem 2 A2105; bring ruler and protractor to problem session.
  • Week 7 Resource Posting Reviews due by 11:59 pm
Sat. Feb. 22
Sun. Feb. 23
  • Week 7 Reflection due online by noon