Welcome to CanopyView

What is CanopyView?

CanopyView is an interactive canopy visualization system being built at The Evergreen State College in Olympia Washington and funded by the National Science Foundation [DBI 04- 17311, CISE 01-31952, BIR 03-19309, 99-75510, 96-3O316, 93-07771].

CanopyView is a complementary application to DataBank, the canopy database generator. DataBank allows canopy researchers to develop database designs from high-level components called templates. A researcher selects templates that match his or her intended study. Those templates form the basis of a database design. After template selection, the researcher downloads a Microsoft Access database with a good design but no data and then populates with data from the study. There is the ability to modify templates if they are not a perfect match, by using the template editor. .

CanopyView is being developed as a tool to visualize the data inside one of these well-formed “templated” databases. Eventually CanopyView will be able to be downloaded at the same time as the empty Access database.

CanopyView is written in Java and utilizes The Visualization Toolkit (VTK) for graphics. CanopyView also works as a generic volume rendering program accepting jpeg and png stacks, or vtk data.

If you have questions or comments about CanopyView contact us at: scidb@evergreen.edu.