Download the Tree Catalog

Here you can download a catalog of 100 trees that illustrate crown structure of Pacific Northwest trees.

The catalog consists of 100 trees, one tree per page, displaying images and metrics. These trees were measured and studied as part of the Thousand Year Chronosequence Study - a field research on forest structure and function for eight locations, in the western Cascades of Washington State, ranging in age from 50 to 950 years (Van Pelt, R., and N. M. Nadkarni. 2004. Development of canopy structure in Pseudotsuga menziesii forests in the southern Washington Cascades. Forest Science 50:326-341.).

branch schematic viewoverhead neighborhood viewoverhead tree viewtree top viewProfile Tree ViewCharacteristicsCatalog Header

Although more than 1,000 trees were sampled in this study, only those on which detailed branch structure was collected are depicted in this catalog (about 100 trees). This cover sheet describes each element (Header, Profile Tree View, etc.) depicted in the layout at left.

This catalog was constructed for the NSF-funded Evergreen-DNR Leave Tree Project.

More detailed information on the contents of the catalog is available here.

Download the cover sheet alone135.69 KB
Download five sample pages3.24 MB
Download the entire catalog (right-click and choose "Save As...")32.42 MB