Columbia River

The Columbia River: Origins, Salmon and Culture

Seminar Questions for Thursday, April 6             Name __________________________


1.  What is the main point made by Jim Lichatowich in his chapter in Salmon Without Rivers?

2.  What is the main point made by Elizabeth Woody in Recalling Celilo?

3.  What is the main point made by Richard White in his chapter in The Organic Machine?

4. What are the similarities and differences among the tribes described in Aguilar’s first chapter of A River Ran Wild?

5.  On page 14 of Salmon Nation, Woody starts the last section with the paragraph beginning “What happened to Celilo Falls illustrates…”  On page 7 & 8 of Rufus Woods the final two paragraphs of the first chapter depict Woods as wanting to “…recreate nineteenth century Nebraska in the twentieth century Columbia Basin.”  Imagine a conversation between Elizabeth Wood and Rufus Woods regarding these paragraphs.  What would they have to say to each other?  How well might each understand the viewpoint of the other?

6. Questions for Friday Seminar, Week One.
Read and compare Ch. 1 in When the River Ran Wild and the handout of Ch. 1 from White’s Organic Machine. What do you learn about the river, about salmon, about native peoples, about white settlers and about both societies from each work? What connections do you see? Most importantly, how does this information come to you? Who is telling the story and from what perspective? If you could ask the authors questions about their sources and the history they’ve written, what questions would you ask?




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