Hh – Week 7 Reverie

“Antisocial and violent conduct is a major social problem, which also generates significant economic costs, and is hence an important target for government intervention. Such conduct runs in families, and a small proportion of families in any community account for a large proportion of its violent crime. Hence risk for antisocial aggression is transmitted intergenerationally. While twin studies have shown significant heritability, they have been unable to identify the specific genetic bases of risk.” (Neuro, 188)


Passive aggressive actions

We’re just alike

Acting out aggression afterward

Violence might be silent

But it is never silenced

We two are the same, why?

Genetic likeness

Like the fuel was lit inside us

Sometimes it seems futile to fight it

Once ignition goes decisions go

From good to bad and they’re out the window

And we’re put into limbo

But why us two here now?

Why we so alike

Where it’s hard to hear now

It’s cause our type is the same

Which is why we both end caught up

In passive aggression that bothers

Because it’s me and him

And he, is my father.

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