lp-Bachelard Reverie .3

“In the course of centuries the naive self-love of men had had to submit to two major blows at the hands of science, the first was when they the earth was not the center of the universe but only a tiny fragment of a cosmic system of scarcely imaginable vastness.” (199)


Our lives are not our own.

Neurons spreading like mycelium,

we are the fungi of the world.

Our roots connecting like telephone wires we have created.

We are everything and everything is us.

Our minds grow like trees

changing every year,

Adding rings to the stories of our lives,

stories of the universe.

You are on a rock hurdling through space, which is located in a galaxy, which is located in the universe.

As our minds stretch to the stars fires ignite in our brains,

information traveling like shooting stars, changing the way we forever exist.

We are everything and everything is us.


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