lp- Bachelard Reverie: Neuro .2

“Whatever the virtue of arguments for preventative intervention in relation to health, in the case of neurobiologically based strategies for preventative crime control, we argue that policies of screen and intervene – which have a family resemblance to other strategies for ‘governing the future’ in the name of security – are likely to contribute to a further widening of the net of the apparatus of control to the ‘precriminal’ or ‘predelinquent,’ and to play a part in the new ways in which subjects and subjectivities are governed in the name of freedom in an age of insecurity.” (166-167) Neuro

It is controlling me for something I have no control over.                                                                     They say there has always been something wrong in my brain.                                                                                        Treated like a cow in a herd with an infection that is incurable.

I am a precriminal

Like a fish trapped in a pond, I am now able to feel the grip of the widening net of the apparatus of control.

It is preventative they tell me.

They place me in a room in a box in a box with a box full of juice.                                                       They have suits and ties and I’m asked questions that I’ve heard before as if they don’t already know the answers.

In the name of freedom they say.

So why is it that all I can think about is arteries, juice,                                                                        And escape? 

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