lp- Resonation within ourselves

Music reminds me of a seduction

that I was powerless to overcome.

 Battles that were impossible to avoid.

It changes my life, turning right instead of left,

and has brought me to become a different person.

Words and phrases drift into desolation everyday of our lives.


I heard my god tell me something yesterday and later realized

it wasn’t worth remembering.

Whether my spilt second decision was a fair judgment,

I don’t know.  

It saddens me to think I might never know.

Can we follow enough of what is said and still get to where we need to go?


I don’t know.

Is it not our duty, then, to grasp the answers

that catch, hold, and resonate?

Music is more that words as I am more

than a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Are we not forced to reflect upon

The sounds and words that influence our perspective?

Why these words, these phrases but not those?

We don’t know enough about the universe

To explain its purpose or what happens

To it on a length based timeline.


I don’t know exactly why I enjoy being who I am.

I don’t know exactly why I don’t.


When somebody is able to put these same thoughts into sounds and words,

I finally feel like there is hope to find answers.


And that I am not alone.

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